Hill Learning Teacher Training

July 18, 2023




Rhombus Learning and The Farthest Pixel worked with Hill Learning to develop 3 certification courses for teachers on phonological awareness and phonics. Each course included a series of interactive components to engage the teachers and provide immediate feedback.

In the first example, participants learn about teaching syllable level skills. The interactive learning module explains types of syllable level skills and then models for the teachers how they can teach these skills to students. The teachers complete the first part of the module from the student perspective.  At the end, they are given some fictional students practicing syllable level skills and they must evaluate each student’s response.

In the second example, teachers explore phonemes and consider how their place of articulation impacts the sounds they make. When they hover over the image icons in the top row, they see a diagram that shows where the place of articulation is for that phoneme. When they hover over the video icon in the second row, they see of a close up video of a teacher pronouncing that phoneme.

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