Virtual Microscope Slide Viewer

July 19, 2023




As part of the lab for an introductory textiles course, students needed to identify fiber types and fiber characteristics under various microscopic conditions as well as correctly use a micrometer to aid in measurement and identification. This traditionally was completed in a lab where compound microscopes were limited and students had to take turns in groups viewing the slides.

Working with a team of developers, we explored different ways students could conduct this lab experience online, without the use of a microscope. The result was the development of this Virtual Slide Viewer that simulates many of the capabilities of a compound microscope.

With this tool, students can:

  • view microscopic images at varying magnification levels
  • measure samples using a micrometer
  • compare up to four samples side-by-side
  • takes notes as they review samples
  • sort or filter media based on certain criteria
  • manipulate a variety of content, including images, video, and text
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